Tips on How to Use a Lavatory aboard an Airplane

Tips on How to Use a Lavatory aboard an Airplane

If you have been flying frequently like most senior citizens do, you have definitely noticed that the condition of the lavatory can get unbearable sometimes especially on a long-haul international flight. This is probably because some passengers don’t care how their use and leave the facility. Why not check out 2020 Best Medicare Supplement Plans from the site

As someone who has been around for more than 60 decades, you would definitely not want to leave the lavatory in an unbearable condition after using it, and you also want to ensure that you are keeping safe when using the facility. This is why we have given you the following tips on how to use a lavatory aboard an airplane. Check out the tips below.

  • Wear proper footwear

Before leaving your seat to the lavatory, make sure that your sneakers or shoes are on your feet first. Not all passengers care about cleanliness, and they will splash and spit on the floor to say the least. You really don’t want to expose your feet to infections by stepping on such dirty stuff. Worse still, old age comes with the disadvantage that your body is weaker and you can get infections very easily. To be safe and to keep your feet clean, wear proper footwear before going to the lavatory.

  • Don’t smoke

Smoking is prohibited anywhere on any commercial airplane anywhere in the world. So, you should not do so when you go to the lavatory thinking that no one is seeing you. First, lavatories of airplanes are usually equipped with smoke detectors, which mean that it will be known immediately if you try to smoke. This will get you into trouble immediately.

  • Keep distance from the lavatory door

If you go to the lavatory and you see the sign that someone is already using it, and the door is closed, you should not stand very close to the door waiting in line to be the next person. Be sure to keep some reasonable distance when standing outside the lavatory door to prevent yourself from getting hurt in case the occupant of the lavatory opens the door with full force.

  • Flash the toilet before using it

Few people would ensure that they leave the toilet clean, and I bet you don’t want to use the toilet while someone’s urine has not been flashed. Flash that toilet immediately you get in before even resting on the toilet seat.